XML Solutions

Our goal is to emphasize XML simplicity, generality, and usability

PrePSol offers XML workflows based on client-specific DTD or schema to deliver structured XML documents along with print ready PDF and e-books. Our services include generating style sheets from client DTD to deliver XML files conforming to DTD and specification at any stage (page-proof/revision/issue) in the production process. The creation of DTD is also one of the services provided by PrePSol.

Our products cover all segments of book and journal publishing.

    PrePSol Products

  • Humanities and Social Sciences journals
  • STM journals
  • Trade books
  • Children books
  • Professional and technical books
  • El-hi (K-12)
  • Higher education textbooks
  • Religious books
  • Dictionaries
  • Mass market paperback
  • E-books