Data Management Services

Comprises all the disciplines related to managing
data in a valuable resource

Our data capture services include keyboarding, scanning and OCR, and image processing.


Manually keying in the content of a hard-copy document is the safest way to digitize fragile material and handwritten manuscripts. We offer a double keying service for greater accuracy.

Scanning and OCR

As well as being equipped with the best high-speed scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) tools and systems available, our data capture team is also well-trained in the various methods needed for capturing different types of hard-copy material, both text and images. Depending upon the type, size and age of the paper, we employ the most suitable machine to meet your requirement. We are also equipped to clean the image files after scanning to create PDFs of the resolution you require.

Data Conversion

PrePSol converts any type of print or electronic input into the format of your choice. We work with a vast range of content types and formats and handle any type of conversion, including DTD to DTD, web-based conversion, and XML/SGML and HTML projects. In addition, we also handle eBook conversion for all formats.

Archive and Legacy Conversion

Unlock the value of your print or electronic archive material. We convert your archive content to a digital format which ensures that your archives are searchable, easily accessible, stable and secure – irrespective of how technology advances – and profitable. By converting your archives to XML, we can, in particular, help you create a durable digital repository in which you can store and retrieve all your content easily and quickly. XML also allows you to enrich your content with hyperlinks, references, bookmarks, and so on.


Indexing is a process that captures the essence of the topic/selection of keywords, proper nouns, jargons and other special words, as mentioned. We index books by following style guidelines from the publishers

Data Entry Services

Under our Data Entry Outsourcing services, we provide high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost-effective data entry services. Our data entry division offers most comprehensive range of high-quality and low-cost data entry services, ideally suitable to low- as well as high-volume data entry projects.

Data Entry Outsourcing is a wise and profitable option for those who would like to concentrate on core processes and leave data entry work to a reliable service provider who is professional in this arena.

    We provide the following data entry outsourcing services:

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Book Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Medical Claims and Patient Records
  • Product Registration Cards Data Entry
  • Shipping Documents Data Entry
  • Subscriptions Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Surveys, Credit Card Applications, etc.
  • Coupon Redemptions Data Entry
  • Hand Written Data Entry
  • Legal Document Data Entry, Insurance claims
  • Data Entry for Mailing List/Label
  • Data Entry for Receipt/Bill
  • Yellow Pages/White Pages Data Entry
  • Double Key Data Entry
  • Any Type of Data Entry Work

Our experienced team of professional data entry operators is dedicated to provide complete and accurate data entry services to our worldwide customers at the turnaround time discussed. Our project delivery teams can send you processed output data by FTP, email, and CDs/DVDs.

Data Processing

We capture, digitize and process data from diverse input sources such as fax, web forms, emails, scanned images and hardcopy documents.