Editorial Services

We evaluates important issues for their better readership

Our expert staff of copy editors identifies the existing workflow of the global publishers and contributes towards editing and XML creation.

PrePSol is a knowledge process outsource unit and provides complete content editing solution for both digital and print media. We are one-stop content source for your content needs. With the team of authors and editors, we give you online proofing services, keeping in focus the turnaround time of each client.

Our editorial services consist of the following.

Copy Editing

The team works closely with the author/production editor to improve the readability and effectiveness of the received manuscript. Here, copyediting ensures proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage, while maintaining consistent style. We have expertise in editing Global research journals/books, academic books, social science, marketing, finance, school books and other professional titles in both UK and US English. We provide editorial service in both hard copy and online formats. The areas that we specialize in are: Physics, Chemistry, Math, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences and others

Language Editing

We appreciate the role of language editing in polishing and refining manuscripts into final product. Our team works meticulously to attain this objective. We ensure your Journals and Books to be compliant with all international submission norms. We have a team of proficient language editors with significant experience in the industry, who are equipped with the latest knowledge in editing. The team helps in modifying your work to meet any kind of international publication standards. Our team comprises Post Graduates, MPhils and PhDs in various subjects, who are capable of editing any kind of content from language perspective, thereby ensuring the best editorial services for our clients.


Indexing is a process that captures the essence of the topic/selection of keywords, proper nouns, jargons and other special words, as mentioned. We index books by following style guidelines from the publishers


Abstracting to capture the essential content of the document, thereby saving the reader’s time. Here, we strive to create abstracts that are highly structured, concise, and coherent, and are the outcome of a detailed analysis of the content of the abstracted materials.

Proof reading

Our proofreaders read the typeset pages diligently, character by character, against the manuscript, identify errors and also mark queries that are raised to the author/production editors. They apply the styles and format in the typeset pages as per the client specifications and maintain consistency throughout the book. Proofreading is done according to our strict Quality Control process.